What’s different about a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist?


“Titled Physiotherapists are highly qualified with expert knowledge and skills in their area of practice. They undergo a rigorous selection process through the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), to ensure that they achieve and maintain exceptional standards of clinical experience and knowledge. An APA Title serves as a professional mark of distinction.”

Mel was a general physiotherapist for 9 years before completing her post-graduate Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

Why should I see Mel?

To have your condition thoroughly assessed, diagnosed and treated with care by an experienced health professional, titled by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Mel uses a modern computer based exercise program to assist in your rehabilitation — Physitrack. This will ensure you know what you need to do, in terms of stretching and exercises in between visits. It keeps you accountable and it is individualised to your needs.


Physiotherapy Experience:

19 years including The Australian Defence Force, Public and Private Hospitals, and Private Practice


Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) – Sydney University 1998

Masters Degree (Sports Physiotherapy) – La Trobe University 2012

Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Sports Physiotherapist 2012

Level 3 Sport Physiotherapy Course at The Australian Institute of Sport


Movement dysfunction- using exercise to correct the way we move. “The eye can only see what the brain knows.” (Stalker, R.)

Pelvis, Hip, and Knee Injuries or Impairments

Pilates and exercise rehabilitation to treat injury and improve performance in sport and help you enjoy life

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Cancer Patients (Mel is a qualified PINC Physio)